Make Your Own Game for Free, No Coding Required

Gaming is an awesome pastime, that’s a fact. Whether it’s single-player story-driven games that let you explore a new world, undertake adventures and build up your characters like Fallout or a first-person shooter like Call of Duty, which has regular new releases, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Platformers, sports, online multiplayer games – with so much choice of gaming, you’ll never be spoilt for choice. But even after playing so many games, you reach the next stage – and that’s making your own.

Roblox and stellar games like Minecraft helped pave the way for gamers to build their environments and explore others in an online world. But wouldn’t it be useful if you could make your own game and own it? Well, now you can.

Make it on The Sandbox

There’s a new virtual world where you can explore and create your own game. Even better, you don’t need any coding experience to be able to do it. The Sandbox is an online game that’s built on the Ethereum blockchain. If you’re used to games like Minecraft, then you’ll have a rough idea of what it’s like. The blocky animation, the tools to build your own environments, except this time it’s set in its own metaverse.

On a basic level, you can build your own avatar and explore the virtual world. But what you’ll be exploring is a series of other worlds and levels that other players on The Sandbox have made. You can join in by making your own and then experience everything that blockchain gaming has to offer.

The Sandbox has its own currency, in the form of SAND, an ERC-20 token that is used for in-game transactions. You can use it to buy LAND, which is your own piece of digital real estate – the more LAND you own, the more you can build. It’s on this you make your own levels. Once you’ve done that, you can then explore your own arena or let other players take on any challenges on the levels you’ve created – for a price. That way, you can create your own world within The Sandbox’s metaverse, and other players will pay to play your level.

The Sandbox is a decentralized game, so it means that any earnings will go straight to you, unlike other centralized games where the developers pocket it all.

But how do you make it? It’s easy. It really is. The Sandbox provides you with the tools you need to create your own game, as the whole premise is that it’s a user-generated content ecosystem. Making it difficult would defeat the object. So, throw away the ‘How to Code for Dummies’ book and get stuck in using various tools.

The Game Maker tool is all you need to make your own game, all in glorious 3D. You can create models for free using the VoxEdit tool, whether you do it from scratch or pick and mix, taking parts that other Sandbox members have made. You can create whole environments and levels to share with your friends and the wider community, but of course, with the added extra that you can earn while you play.

Monetize your content

Once you’ve built your own ASSETS, such as different items for avatars to wear, you can sell them on the marketplace. Then, when you build games on the Game Maker, you can charge SAND for other players to try them out.

The more LAND you have, the more games you create, the more chance you have for players to come to visit your own bit of The Sandbox and try it out. While it’s not necessarily created just for you to earn money, it’s a nice bonus of gaming on the blockchain, as you get to keep what you earn. And you can do it passively, too – create some epic landscape for players to try out, enjoy a little vacation and then come back to see how popular your world has been and how much you’ve earned.

The fact that you don’t need any coding experience is also a huge bonus as you’ll save time and effort building different things… without the frustration. You can move assets using simple drag and drop functionality, so whatever idea you have in your head, you can make it come alive on screen.

Gaming has certainly evolved over the years, and players now like to build their own games as well as play them. The Sandbox allows you to do just that. Is blockchain gaming going to be the next big thing? With use of blockchain technology becoming ever more prevalent, it certainly seems that way.

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