Mad Men the Game Hits YouTube

Mad Men season five kicks off in the UK today, but if you can’t wait or you just don’t want to pay Rupert Murdoch for the privilege of watching it on Sky TV, then check out this 8-bit game of the show. Yes, it’s Mad Men the game and it’s free to play on YouTube.

The game comes from the Fine Brothers production company, which regularly chalks up of millions of youtube views with its spoofs and shorts. It takes less than 10 minutes to play through the whole thing, but there are three possible amusing endings, depending on the order you play each chapter in.

Each chapter has you decide what Don should do. Should he give Peggy a promotion or just pat her on the back, steal her idea and take the credit? In a race with Pete, should Don stop to take his shoes off before entering Burt Cooper’s office or rush in to ensure he gets there first? My tip is to choose the Don Draper way every time. And that means drinking, smoking, being a bad father and taking advantage of friends and colleagues.

And the best bit is you get to be Don Draper, so that’s a win right there.

Check it out on YouTube to see Don and Betty Draper in 8-bit. Even the theme tune’s had the retro gaming treatment.If only every day was be Don Draper day.

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