LucasArts Gives Content Over XBox Live

The final Secret Weapons Over Normandy Xbox Live content package has officially been released. This package features one additional flyable plane, an all-new two-player mission, and two new alternative camo schemes. A true German "Secret Weapon" the rocket powered He162 "Volksjager" [The "People’s Fighter"] is now available for selection. Originally designed to be cheap and easy to produce, the He162 could very well have become the jet-powered workhorse of the Luftwaffe.

Fly it, or any craft of your choice, in a brand new Axis vs. Allies themed two-player engagement, titled "Furious Engel." Also added to Xbox Live are updated camo patterns for the P-51 "Mustang" and the B-17 "Flying Fortress."

Xbox players can log on and download the new planes and content.

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