Live Casino Games Guide

Online gambling is enriched with the option to play live casino games without GamStop. Think of online Blackjack with a dealer behind the camera. On this page, we explain more about live casino games!

The History of Live Casino

What is the actual history of the live casino? By this we mean the section within online casinos where games with live dealers are offered. You might not expect it, but these games became popular among players as early as the mid-2000s.

Of course, there have been enormous technological advances since then. Take, for example, developments in streaming technology. This is a crucial element because it allows online casinos to offer players an experience close to that of a land-based casino. They often use professional studios or even real casinos for this.

The first games introduced in live casinos are now known as the true classics. Initially, the offering was limited to games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat. As time has progressed, more and more varied and unique variants have been added, as well as entirely new games. Nowadays there are several variants available, including Hold’em, Three Card Poker and various game shows.

To this day, the live casino remains a popular choice among gambling enthusiasts. The immersive experience increases the tension during the game play. More and more well-known game developers, such as Evolution Gaming and Playtech, have decided to offer live casino games, enriched with special features such as the ability to chat.

How Do You Play Live Casino Games at Non GamStop Casinos?

Make sure you first know how live casino games work in general. At our website we will inform you about this as clearly as possible. This way you know better what to expect.

Choose a Game

Most non GamStop casinos offer live casino games. This could include, for example, live roulette, or live Blackjack. So choose a game that you like!

Enter Your Bet

Most live casino games have a minimum deposit. Consider at least 5 euros per deal at Blackjack, or at least 50 euro cents per bet at live Roulette. Make sure you bet what you can afford to lose!

Above all, enjoy!

You can win quite a lot of money with live casino gambling. But it is still better to see it as an enjoyable pastime: after all, it is still gambling.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Non GamStop Live Casino Games

Like everything in life, the live casino category also has its own pros and cons. It is wise to consider these so that you can quickly determine whether live casino games suit your preference.

Advantages of Live Casino Games

  • Actual interaction with the dealer
  • A multitude of fun online casino games
  • Options for high-rollers, and also beginners
  • Fair play

Disadvantages of Live Casino Games

  • Many English live casino games
  • Minimum bet of 5 euros is a lot for some players
  • Sometimes the live casino game can freeze

More Information About Live Casino Games at Non GamStop Casinos

Real Interaction With the Live Dealer

Most non GamStop casinos offer the option for players to talk to the live dealer via a chat function. In most cases the dealer will respond to this via a microphone. You are also almost always welcomed: it is very professional.

Playing With Other Players at a Table

With live casino games you play at the same time as other players at a table. This also means, for example in Blackjack, that your choices can have an effect on another player. It is a kind of ‘common practice’ that you take this into account.

What Do You Take into Account?

Especially, as mentioned earlier, your own bankroll. Make sure you keep a close eye on your budget at all times. This way you won’t be faced with any surprises, and you won’t spend too much money.

What Are Well-known Live Casino Games at Non GamStop Casinos?

Are you enthusiastic or just curious about the live casino games we are talking about? We completely understand that, and that is why we explain some examples of well-known live casino games. It is not without reason that these games are loved by many players and you will find them in many online casinos.

Which Games/Variants Are Popular at Non GamStop Casinos?

  • Live roulette: The classic casino game with the spinning wheel.
  • Live blackjack: The classic casino card game
  • Live baccarat: A classic card game with player and banker outcomes
  • Live poker: The variants have taken over the government and you can think of the games such as Caribbean Stud Poker live and Three Card Poker live;
  • Live game shows: Based on popular live-hosted TV game shows such as Monopoly Live and Crazy Time;
  • Live craps: The famous dice game in the live casino variant.

What exactly makes these games so popular? It is the unique combination of excitement and the convenience of playing online that make the games attractive. Moreover, the interaction with real dealers makes the experience unique, which ensures a renewed and authentic online casino experience.

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