Level Up Your Magic with These Alternatives to Alching

Alching, short for alchemy, is the default grinding action players do when leveling magic. It’s a spell that converts items into OSRS gold at the best price players can get from a specialty store. In real life, it’s a tedious and rather repetitive process with added actions to on un-noted items, as well as the spell only affecting one item in a stack. Also, it is noted that more often than not alching leads to losing coins.

So here are some faster and more profitable ways to level up magic without alching at all.

Superheat Items

The above is a spell to smelt ore without a furnace. Using the skill while wielding some fire-related weapons may grant you a nature rune per cast. Otherwise, it takes four fire runes as well as a nature rune. It creates only one bar and cannot be used on noted ores. Another limitation is the character’s smithing level. That means you have to have the appropriate smithing level to smelt that ore in a furnace to use the skill on it.

It has been noted that this method can net you 100-108k magic experience per hour, with a bonus 30-33k smithing experience per hour. As for gold, it can break even or profit depending on the type of ore you use it on. The spell requires level 43 magic.

String Jewelry

This spell strings amulets without using up a ball of wool. It’s a fast method of getting experience, as one click of the spell will string all of the amulets available in your inventory. The method can give up to a whopping 165k experience per hour but makes a loss of about 2.8 gold per XP gained.

Since it is a Lunar Spell, the quest ‘Lunar Diplomacy’ must be completed to use this spell. It requires level 80 magic, as well. Though it only takes one click for the spell to string each amulet in your inventory, rune costs are still per amulet strung. Stringing ten amulets will cost you runes as if you cast the spell ten times.

Plank Making

It converts one log that can normally be converted into a plank in a sawmill. You still have to pay for every plank you make, though it’s only at 70% of what the sawmill operator would charge. Still, the spell still costs more because of its rune cost. That’s the reason players usually do this to train magic instead of making money.

This method has a rate of about 160k experience per hour. It requires level 86 magic. If the costs are worrying you, making mahogany planks gives a small profit.

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