Knights Chronicle Mobile Community Celebrating the Holidays

Netmarble Corp. today introduced a series of new improvements to mobile role-playing game Knights Chronicle to get players into the holiday spirit.

Knights Chronicle is spreading seasonal cheer with a new Christmas dungeon and Christmas-themed costumes. The Christmas dungeon will reward players with the limited-time 2018 Christmas coin. Also, Christmas costumes for Janus, Verdandi and Miss Etica will strengthen the ability of the heroes. Entering the Christmas dungeon while wearing the costume will allow players to acquire extra 2018 Christmas coins. Players can trade in these Christmas coins for various rewards including 4 Star SSR Hero Selectors.

A new Epic Quest for the hero Lydia is also now available. Completing this quest will allow players to acquire a special costume that upgrades an SR grade hero to SSR grade.

Also, players can now upgrade the Guild Castle to acquire a passive effect during the Defense Phase of Guild Battle. The maximum Guild level has been expanded and more high level items have been added to the Guild shop, so cooperation among the Guild members is now much more important to aim for higher levels.

Knights Chronicle is available now in 140 countries. Visit to learn more.

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