Kingdom of Heroes Tactics War Announces Labyrinth Expansion, New Heroes

NEOWIZ today launched the latest content update for its wildly popular strategy RPG, Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War. With big changes to the Alter Realm Battle, two new Heroes, as well as 4 new Hidden Strength Heroes in today’s patch, and the announcement of the Labyrinth game mode coming in March, there’s never been a better time to try Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War.

Introducing the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a new game mode where players mobilize all Heroes owned to reach the highest floor as possible for fantastic rewards. All battles are played in auto-combat and before the start of battle, you can select the location to start. When the battle ends normally, Ally / Enemy HP is not healed – you’ve got to try to make it as far as you can without perishing.

One floor consists of individual stages with multiple routes to choose from. And in each stage, you not only battle against enemies, but various events occur such as hero recovery and unexpected traps. The Labyrinth resets once every specific cycle, but if you have previously completed some floors, you can start from where you once were.

It’s not unlike when playing at your favorite online casino, so give it a try!

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