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Is virtual reality gaming going to explode in 2020?

Since the arrival of mobile devices, the gaming industry has accelerated its growth, but no significant milestone was set ever since. Looking back, the advent of live casino games represented an equally important moment, as players were provided with a more authentic gaming experience. Speaking of immersive online gambling experiences, virtual reality is likely to take things to the next level. The technology already exists and enjoys a decent level of popularity, but it could explode in 2020.

VR can change online bingo and casino gaming forever

Virtual reality is still in its infant stages, but this technology has been around for a while and incremental progress was made every year. Videogame developers were among the first to use it, but because of the sheer complexity of their creations, this tech was difficult to implement. In 2019, several companies have produced games available in VR, ranging from first-person shooters, to sports and exploration. Many more are under development and scheduled for international release in 2020, so the expectations are high.

Online bingo sites like were just as keen on harnessing the strengths of virtual reality. Luckily for them, their products are better suited for the implementation of VR technology, due to the simplicity of their game mechanics. Slots & Online Bingo have already emerged as the most popular genres on both computers and mobile devices and the new tech makes them even more attractive. Interactions between the user and the game are minimal, so players can focus on the VR environment while spinning the reels.

The moment that online bingo and casino players are truly waiting for is to enjoy live dealer table games in virtual reality. The prospect of moving freely around the roulette wheel and taking a seat blackjack and baccarat tables is enticing. Arguably the most anticipated moment is the one where players can see each other in the VR environment, talk to their peers and the dealers. For the time being, this is only possible in the live chat window, which has the merit of facilitating the interactions.

Superior and Affordable VR devices in 2020

The early virtual reality headsets were not powerful enough to run the best games and generate truly immersive environments. Their price was also prohibitive, so only a fraction of those willing to try the new technology could actually afford it. In spite of their appeal, these gadgets didn’t take off sooner and were often relegated to the status of gimmicks. This is all likely to change in 2020, as several companies are competing for a dominant place in what they regard as the technology of the future.

The VR devices revealed in 2019 were quite impressive and they cost only a fraction of the previous gadgets. Oculus and other leading developers now have several products, with different price tags, which enable prospective buyers find an affordable headset. The interest for gaming developers is just as high and we believe that 2020 will be the year of convergence and one to set a major milestone for VR.

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