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Is Online Poker at a Crypto Casino Bitfiring Better Than Playing Live?

Online poker at crypto casino and live poker each have their advantages. Bitfiring offer a great way to play crypto casino game and use crypto as a payment.

What is more profitable, live poker or online poker? Undoubtedly, this is the most repeated discussion about this casino game. Although each modality has its pros and cons, there are several players who defend with blind faith and condemn with impetus any of the two variants.

While it is true that there are jobs where multitasking is a virtue, in crypto casino the more focused and specific you are in one type of game, the more advantages you will have in the long run. Every poker player at the beginning usually tries a little of the virtual and live tables, however, as time goes by, either by result, time or comfort, decides to focus on only one.

Although there are great players who can be seen in the online crypto casino game rooms and the following week playing a big tournament in Las Vegas. The truth is that one of the two modalities is the one to which he devotes more attention, study and preparation and the other is used for other purposes.

Team Poker crypto casino game with Bitfiring Casino

The world of virtual cloths with Bitfiring platform has become more popular in recent years. Big rooms such as Bitcoin poker have been able to create attractive promotions and events to attract a large volume of new players, not to mention the ease of having a job anywhere in the world with just a computer, Internet connection and, of course, that poker is legal. Playing poker online with Bitfiring eliminates the variants and expenses such as transfers to casinos, meals in the streets, airline tickets and hotel accommodations.

While this modality has led to many more users, rooms and game promotions, Bitfiring has made the environment much tougher. Since the use of statistics programs or the prohibition of the same makes grinders have to be constantly updated. The appearance of bots or ghost accounts have made the distrust grow and the creation of different educational sites about this modality have managed to evolve online poker making it a much more competitive ecosystem and difficult to beat.

Whatever the modality or environment in which you play, or if you have not yet chosen one, the important thing is to keep in mind the characteristics of one and the other. It is also important to test online and live poker before deciding blindly for one and above all not to “demonize” it. Because after all, each player is looking for his area of opportunity to achieve the best.

Live Team Poker

There is nothing like receiving cards, picking them up and looking at them, playing with the towers of chips and having good conversations at the table. Playing in a casino or a private game helps to have more information to make decisions, for example the so-called tells or clues that give live players can determine if you bring good cards or is going through a tilt.

Pure Hold'em

On the other hand, many claim that live poker has not evolved as much as on the Internet, which has made it much easier to beat levels or cash in tournaments. Another relevant feature is the amount of hands that can be played, about a thousand hands can be played by an online Bitfiring in a couple of hours with several simultaneous tables while in a casino it can take several weeks or even months to reach, a factor that becomes important if you consider the variance and the long term.


Pay attention to all the instructions you should know in order not to get lost at a poker table. Poker crypto casino game with Bitfiring always starts with a mandatory bet, such as the small blind and the big blind, to prevent players from only entering a hand if it is very good. By imposing a minimum bet amount, players who are constantly not entering the game will see their money shrink and will be forced to make moves to avoid being left behind. In addition, the pot will grow as players bet the blinds and this will be an additional motivation for players to be eager to take the available pot.

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