Is eSports a Good Career?

It may seem that sports have not changed a bit since the past 20 years. While there are some technological advancements, the sports’ basics remain the same. But if you look at it thoroughly, there is a sport trying to fight its way to get its place in the world – esports.

Esports have gained much popularity in the past years. While some players are trying to hone their skills, others choose to become professional gamers. They compete in various computer games and other online gambling games like poker and blackjack, and other games that you can find in this list of best NJ online casinos.

The esports’ popularity gave birth to various decent careers. Moreover, studies show that playing video games is beneficial to health, particularly to cognitive systems related to memory and visual attention. With this in mind, a lot of people are considering establishing a career in the gaming industry.

Some esports stars are even making decent annual salaries – the highest-paid gamer earns around $2 million a year. These professional gamers join esports leagues to represent their sponsors. It only shows that esports is becoming popular, and the industry can create creative and interesting career paths such as:

  • Professional gamer
  • Coach
  • Content Creator
  • Host
  • Admin or referee
  • Production crew
  • Agent
  • Social media manager
  • Event manager

How to become an esports professional?

Most people are not sure how to become an esports professional since the industry is still brand new. But below are some tips that can help you build an esports career:

Find your game

Most gamers are playing various games that they are very good at. While this is good as it can give you many gaming options, sometimes, it is best to stick to a single game where you think you can excel the most.

For instance, you play Call of Duty well, you may hone your skills and craft some more strategies to become a better player. You don’t need to play every popular game on the list, and one game will do.

If focusing on one game bores you, then you can specialize in a certain type of game. For instance, you can play other popular first-person shooters like Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six Siege. You can also play popular multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA games, like DOTA2, League of Legends, and Mobile Legends.

Moreover, you can also play gambling games like poker or blackjack that you can find in the list of best NJ online casinos. These online table games require high skills, but once mastered, this could give you a promising career in the gaming industry.

Avoid playing too many games that could spread your time too thin. Choose the niche that you are good at and keep improving your skills.

Do it

Sitting around and waiting for your dream job to find you is the best thing you can do – if you don’t want to get your dream job. So, if you dream of becoming an esports professional, you have to start doing it by learning and practicing more.

You can start by joining local teams while you are trying to figure out and see how everything works. Connect with people that are already working in the industry. Befriend them, ask for their advice, and always visit their tournaments.

There are many new and untypical business models around, so don’t shy away or be afraid to try and get what you want. Creating a team along with your friends is another good idea. With your team, you can start joining local tournaments, making your way to higher-level contests.

Always look for opportunities

To have a successful career as an esports professional, you have to be out there, looking for opportunities. The key to reaching your dream job is to look for openings or opportunities. Get the people in the industry to notice you by showing off your skills and talents.

Once you have introduced yourself to some key persons in the industry, keep them in your network. Show them that you are prepared to work hard on your skills and knowledge.


Sharing your time as a volunteer is one of the best ways to enter the esports industry. Many companies are looking for anyone who can work for free, which is a good opportunity for you to get the attention of top gamers. Once you befriend them, you can ask them for tips and advice and the chance to play with them to show off what you’ve got.

Get some experience

Hard work and practice may not give you instant success, but your efforts will surely pay off. Gather some experience by practicing with your team, talking to people, and watching some professionals playing. Try beating your record every day and work towards your goals.

Esports courses are now being taught in many schools around the world, educating future esports professionals. This could be a good idea as people love playing video games, and most of them take it seriously. Esports courses can help aspiring professionals to gain experience.

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