Interesting Gaming Industry Facts

The online gaming industry is worth an estimated $90 billion. For an industry that only became popular two decades ago, that’s a massive growth rate. There are hundreds of online gambling sites in the world, most of them that serve global customers. There are hundreds of online games released every year, but only a few win the hearts of players.

A lot happens in the gambling world. New games come and go. Online gaming has become a career for some, and eSport is almost becoming an Olympic sport. Get a glimpse of what happens in the gaming industry with these top interesting facts.

Over 3 Billion People are Gamers

More than 3 billion people have played online games at some point in their lives. Asia contributes the highest number of gamers with 900 million. North America comes in second with 200 million people while the rest of the world contribute the remaining numbers.

The exact number of online gamers is unknown. But if the statistics are anything to go by, the industry is growing at a huge rate. The mobile gaming sector is growing faster than the PC gaming sector. As of 2017, the mobile gaming sector was valued at $59.8 billion. The US is the biggest market for mobile games, both casino, and video games.

The online gaming industry is expected to hit $100 billion by 2020. With developers investing more in mobile games, more than half of gamers will identify as mobile gamers. Online gaming is also expected to bypass console games as playing online games become accessible worldwide.

69% of Match 3 Gamers are Women

While more men player shooting and driving games than women, the latter dominate match 3 games. About 7 out of 10 women play match 3 types of game. An equal amount of women play family or farm simulation games.

Surprisingly, women play social casino games more than men do. About 61% of women play the games, with only 39% of men playing casino games on social platforms. For the uninitiated, social casino games are free to play casino games. They include video poker, blackjack, keno, and bingo. Social casino games are freely available on Facebook, android apps and multiple websites online.

The popular mobile game Candy Crush is unsurprisingly the most popular game among women. Statistics also disprove pre-existing notions that women dislike fantasy games. About 36% of women engage in MMO games, with 29% of them playing Star Wars: The Republic.

Women lag behind in racing, sports, and tactical shooter games. Only 2% of women engage in games like FIFA and NBA 2K simulation games.

80% of Australians Gamble

Online gaming is a new industry in some countries. In others like Australia, more than 80% of the nation gamble regularly. Motivated by generous bonuses and Kiwislots guide to free spins no deposit, anyone can test out casino games without paying.  Depending on the casino, you get up to 50 free spins before you sign up to the platform.

Apart from Australia, the UK, Italy, and Spain have become established destinations for online gamers. All three European nations have liberal approaches toward online gaming. London is home to some of the world’s largest casino websites. The city regularly hosts large professional gaming competitions. Spain, which legalized online gaming in this decade, is experiencing fast growth rates in online games.

The average Australian gambler spends $1200 gaming online every year. That’s more than what gamers in Canada and Italy spend. Although Australians gamble online more than Americans, over 85% of North Americans have gambled at some point in their lives.

33% of Online Gamers Play with Family Members

Online gaming studies have been disproving a lot of stereotypes lately. While most people only associated gaming with your adults, new stats show families love gaming together. An estimated 33% of gaming adults involve their kids at least once a week.

Gaming is known to impact children positively. It boosts motor skills, online games are entertaining and they bring families together. Many families that game prefer multiplayer games because they involve everyone. There many family-friendly games online in all categories. Adventure games, puzzles and driving games are the most popular types of games among families.

Still, on families, older family members aren’t left behind. Slightly less than 30% of online gamers are aged 50 and above. Senior citizens have often been left out by developers, with most games targeting younger generations. But as it has become clear the demographic love online games, multiple games are being launched that target older people.

Online casinos are bringing back the classic to appeal to older generations. But at the same time, they have loads of new games that relate to younger generations. Over 30 new casino sites in the UK support both the classics and modern, immersive 3D games. Millennials can play more sophisticated games. Senior citizens can thrill at the nostalgic classic games.

Online Bingo is worth $3 Billion

In 2010, the online bingo sector was growing faster than Facebook and other social sites. Things have slowed down but the industry is much bigger than it was in 2008. Considering the nature of the game, it’s surprising to imagine online bingo is worth more than $3 billion.

Like many online games, bingo’s fast growth rate can be traced back to bonuses, free spins and the ease of playing games. Avid bingo fans can get 500% bonuses after their first or second deposits. Similar to social casinos, bingo has a spot place among women gamers. More than half of online female gamers have played bingo at some point.

Another fun fact about bingo is that it has the lowest number of problem gamblers. While many online casino games can be addictive and damaging to individuals, online bingo players rarely experience the same. According to a study published on the BBC, online bingo players consider the game to be fun full and harmless.

To Conclude

Online gaming is growing at a much faster rate than any other sporting activity. In fact, eSport related associations are making efforts to incorporate online gaming into the 2024 Olympics. The industry’s revenues are bigger than those recorded by large social networks. But what’s even more interesting is that online gaming has become a family affair.

Men, women, and children game in equal measures. Parents are raising their kids through gaming. Professionally, gaming has made people millionaires. But even without money, anyone can access online games and have fun.

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