Indy Gamers Rally For Charity

On Friday, October 19th, a group of gamers in San Diego, California will launch the second year of the Indie Games for Good video gaming marathon in support of Child’s Play Charity. Last year, Indie Games for Good raised nearly $7000 for the charity, which provides toys, games, books, and money for sick children in over 70 children’s hospitals worldwide.

The Indie Games for Good marathon will be broadcast live on the internet, where viewers can tune in and donate money to Child’s Play. The event will run until the
donations stop, spanning multiple days in the process. Over the course of the event,
they will play through a number of independently developed games, many of which
will be chosen by the viewers who make donations. The players will interact with their
viewers through the video stream and a chat provided on the website, as well as
through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Viewers will also have
the opportunity to win prizes, ask questions of game developers who have agreed to do
live interviews, and more.

‘Marathons are a fantastic way to raise awareness for charities,’ says Matt Rasmussen, Event Coordinator. ‘We’ve already received an amazing amount of support from multiple game developers and fans. I’m incredibly passionate about indie games; they’re varied in style and genre so that there’s something that everyone loves — so we’re really hoping that our marathon will reach a lot of the community and raise money for this great cause.’

All donations solicited will go directly to Child’s Play Charity (, a non-profit gamer-run charity which improves the lives of children in hospitals worldwide, including Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

Since 2003, Child’s Play has raised over 12 million dollars. ‘Child’s Play is fortunate to benefit from the indie games community,’ says Jamie Dillion, with Child’s Play. ‘Since our founding we have had incredible support from gamers all over the world. Game marathons like the Indie Games for Good Marathon provide great entertainment for viewers, while raising awareness and funds for the cause. When gamers give back, it makes a difference!’

For more information or to watch the broadcast, visit The event will begin on October 19th at 10AM PDT.

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