Incredibles Movie Password Unlocks Game

Have you seen "The Incredibles" yet? If not, it’s time you head to the theaters to catch this blockbuster movie. The hit animated Disney presentation of a Pixar film was the number one movie at the box office for the second weekend in a row last weekend and continues to soar. Millions of movie-goers packed the theaters on its opening weekend (Nov. 5) to see America’s newest family of superheroes save the day! The film has already grossed more than $140 million in its opening week.

If you are one of the millions across the country who just can’t get enough of The Incredibles, THQ lets you in on all the superhero action with The Incredibles video game. And here’s a special treat for those who have seen the film and played the game. In the movie, Mr. Incredible uses a key password to access the villain’s computer files. In the video game, players can use this same password to unlock an exclusive character ability!

If you remember this secret password, go try it now and see what happens! And if you don’t remember, maybe it’s time you go see the movie again!

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