I-Play Launching Pillow Fight Game


I-play, the mobile entertainment company, today announced the imminent arrival of its explosive original IP title: Pillowfight. As the only game to feature gorgeous gals battling each other with pillows, the title is also the first to include I-play's new community initiative: I-play lounge, which enables mobile gamers to upload high scores, compete against fellow gamers and receive downloadable rewards for their gameplay. Pillowfight launches in the US and Europe at the beginning of the second quarter.

Established for many years in the bedrooms and dormitories of college students, the underground craze has started to break out onto the streets, with real life public Pillow Fights being held spontaneously in cities across both US and Europe.

I-play's Pillowfight embodies an experience that is a ritual part of growing up and a pastime for those who prefer not to! Offering a sexy new twist on casual gameplay fun, you can slug it out as a French Maid or a Cheerleader, swap your persona, plump up your pillows and unlock downloadable wallpaper rewards of the contestants as you win matches and progress through the game.

David Gosen, CEO of I-play commented: "We've all done it sometime in our life – squared up to someone with only a pillow for defence. The personalization features combined with I-play lounge'sâ„¢ community element will allow pillow fighters around the world to get the most out of the game and their battles. One thumb gaming and easy to use community features is the perfect combination for Pillowfight and today's mobile gamer looking for a compelling and original form of entertainment."

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