How to Understand the Principles of Live Casino Games Using The Rickycasino Example

The biggest part of modern people prefers playing at online casinos instead of land-based ones. They view gambling websites as convenient and more visually attractive replacements for brick-and-mortar casinos.

Reputable online casinos tend to do absolutely everything for bringing top-level excitement and unforgettable emotions to their visitors. Providers implement various innovative technologies to keep up with the times. One of the brightest examples of this desire is the fast-growing popularity of live casino games. These games require advanced technologies that stay behind the scene. So, how do they work? What are the principles and mechanisms of live dealer games? Let`s find the answer in this informative guide on the example of the Rickycasino site.

High-professional dealers at online casinos

It is not a secret that one of the key features of a perfect live casino game is super-professional dealers who run the game. They know game rules and understand how to conduct them properly.

In addition, thanks to the latest technologies of live streaming trusted online casinos such as Rickycasino give gamblers an opportunity to communicate with live dealers via a special live chat. Start playing at this online casino and see for yourself that this option helps to establish a personal connection between a player and a dealer and create a gambling experience that is similar to a real one.

Unit of game control at Rickycasino site

The cornerstone of live dealer gambling is GCU which allows connecting all the games to a remote service and controlling the interaction between gamblers and dealers. GCU is full of different components such as a streaming server that helps to provide video to the device screen of game competitors. Moreover, this complex technology tent to manage gambler accounts including transactions for wagering.

The wheel of live casino games

Some live dealer games require the presence of a special wheel. It is one of the main attributes that is associated with real casinos and brings players a realistic atmosphere of true gambling. Like other casino providers, the team of Rickycasino takes into account its importance and uses only high-quality equipment to enable its customers to participate in live baccarat or roulette.

Equipment for Rickycasino audio options

Rickycasino is an example of dependable online casinos that present their customers with live games powered by big-name software providers. Such game developers guarantee only top equipment including audio opportunities. When it comes to audio equipment, we can say that microphones are very important for live casino games. In most cases, dealers use tiny clip-on microphones that are commonly used by YouTube streamers. Such mics can resolve the problem of background noise and unclear sounds.

The technology of Optical Camera Recognition

OCR is the technology that has been adopted to the section of live gambling effectively. It captures iGaming environment and helps to transmit it to gamblers through a special video link.

Additionally, the technology of Optical Camera Recognition allows converting real documents into a virtual file with important information. So, live dealer gambling is comparable to brick-and-mortar casinos by recording every dealer`s move, case in point, the way he spins the wheel of shuffles cards.

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