How To Put Together a Great Video Game Development Team

The world of video game development is extremely competitive with certain franchises selling millions of copies of games the day they are released. The tough part about working in the video game industry is many people do not know whether the game will be a hit or a flop. There are too many factors for a company to be able to guarantee that the game will be a success. Games like Fortnite could have never anticipated how popular the game has become as it captivated people around the world. Putting together the right team of developers, writers, artists, and even project managers helps increase the odds of the game becoming a success. The following are tips to help you build a team that could produce the next video game franchise that becomes a household name.

It All Starts With Hiring

The hiring process needs to be extremely targeted with strict requirements to reduce the number of qualified applicants to interview. A person who does not have the skills to produce a game better than old school Snake obviously will not be able to help the team out. Education is not required but those who do not have the specific training need to have examples of things they have developed in the past.

One thing that many people overlook is that of a person being a good culture fit. Teams that develop games sometimes are together for years so team morale needs to stay high. Collaborating with so many people on a game takes high levels of communication both written and verbal. A small misunderstanding can take weeks to fix if a developer was not clear about the vision for the game the other staff had decided on.

Allow Them To Work From Home If They Stay Productive

Getting some of the best in the video game industry at a variety of jobs can cost an incredible amount of money. Perks are a great way to mitigate salary demands and working from home is the ultimate perk for many. For some developers and designers it can be more productive to work from home as it reduces distractions comes with working in an office. With all of the video chat programs and apps they can even be called in during meetings. Other perks could include swag from the game they are producing or other games that are being produced by the same company. Something like a Dr. Disrespect Gfuel Shaker is not expensive and can help make a staff member’s day. Other perks include a gym in the office or lunch being provided daily/weekly.

Find An Expert In Digital Marketing or Outsource This Duty

Creating a buzz about a game is half of the battle as you want gamers to be flocking to stores and camping out anticipating the release. The gaming community has a huge following on many forums and Reddit has quite a few gaming based threads. Reaching out to websites that host gaming content to get a review or a preview done for the game can help the game with name recognition. Certain reviewers and influencers in the gaming community have millions of followers online so having them endorse the game can be extremely valuable. Do not under any circumstances send a game out for review that has not been thoroughly tested. These influencers want to keep the trust of their followers so they will be brutally honest if the game simply is not up to par.

Don’t Have Team Members All Over The World

Letting some employees work from home once or twice a week is a great perk but they should have to come into the office as well. Teams that are made up of people who are not all local can have lapses in communication. Language barrier problems can arise from this as well and you do not want a developer doing weeks of work that yield no production as they were doing the wrong thing. If you are creating an indie video game you can work at a coffee shop together or in the basement of somebody’s house. The team environment will help foster creativity to help make the best game possible. Everyone being in the same place will also allow the staff to see how people are handling their current workload.

Building a team to create an incredible video game will be tough but it is possible. Do not settle for an employee that you know will not produce a high quality of work. Those subpar employees can turn a great game into one that only a few cult like fans will play in the coming years.

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