How to Create an Unturned Server

If you want to be in charge while playing Unturned with your friends or other people that you know, you can host your own Unturned server to limit access to the game. Most public and popular servers are not convenient and often overfilled. These factors often result in laggy gameplay and inconsistent connection, which is a burden most especially if you’re in the middle of the game.

There are tons of recommended server hosting providers for Unturned, but hosting your own server is the best possible solution if you want to have a seamless and more personal gaming experience while playing with your circle.

Here are the following steps and a detailed guide on how to create one:


Launch Steam. Go to the library tab located at the upper part of the screen.


From the games list, choose Unturned, then right-click. It will then show a drop-down menu, select “Properties.”


To open the folder, select “Local Files” then “Browse Local Files.”


On the drop-down menu, right-click “Unturned.exe” and create a shortcut.


Rename the shortcut file, right-click, and select properties.


Go to the “Shortcut” tab, then enter “- batchmode – nographics” after the text in the Target field. Add another space, then enter “+secureserver/[server_name]”


Click “Apply” then “OK.” Launch the shortcut and wait for “Servers” to appear before closing the window.


On your Local Files, navigate through the list and select the “Servers” folder. Inside that folder, select the folder named after your server, then select the server inside that folder that contains the command file.


Launch the command file and provide the following information in order on the blank notepad:

Preferred Server Name

Desired Map

Type port 27015

Set a password for your server

Type maxplayers then the value, for example: maxplayers 5

Type the desired mode of difficulty, for example: mode normal

Type PVP or PVE – Player Vs Player or Player Vs Environment

Type cheats on; this is optional if you want to activate any cheats.

Typer owner followed by your Steam ID

Lastly, type any welcome message that you want on your server.


On the notepad, select File from the tab and choose Save from the dropdown menu to save all the information you provided. After doing so, you can now close the window.


Launch the server shortcut.


Launch Unturned and select the server that you have created.

Final Words 

As easy as that you have created your own server where you can be in charge of your gameplay and you can choose who is allowed to play. Aside from it’s more seamless, it will be more fun as well.

Creating a server is not that complicated, in fact, it’s very simple and doable. No need for expert assistance as you can do it yourself. Just follow the steps mentioned above and don’t skip any important information to avoid making a corrupt file.

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