How Do Casino Affiliates Work And Why Are They Important For Players?

Affiliate marketing is all about making recommendations. The casino affiliate business is no different from any other industry in this area in that it makes recommendations to customers. We are used to social media influencers telling us about their favorite products or recommending particular games or websites to us. On Instagram and TikTok, this usually involves the influencer making a video about the product or service with a link to a page where we can buy what they are recommending.

That is ok for individual products, but what if a company or industry sector has hundreds or even thousands of products or games? How does a consumer know what is best and what is worth avoiding?

For books, games, films, TV shows, and restaurants, our only option used to be to allow newspaper critics and professional reviewers to give us an insight. We might still check out what a reviewer has to say or drill down into specialist media to find more details about a particular game or TV series. It would be almost impossible to find our way around the entertainment world without some guidance from trusted reviewers.

This is a valuable way to find out what is what. For consumer goods we can look at peer reviews on sites like Trust Pilot or Feefo but it can be difficult to know who to trust on these sites.

The assumption is that professional reviewers and critics in established publications are dispassionate about what they are reviewing and tell the truth. Many artists heed the advice of ‘not reading the critic’s reviews’, as some of them are known to be viscous. In fact, in the entertainment and restaurant critic world, some professionals build up their reputation based on their acerbic wit or deliberately saying something nasty just for fun. On the other hand, many people know that influencers are paid to promote particular brands. While they may only promote ones they genuinely believe in, the whole business is essentially very subjective.

The casino affiliate business has tried to do a little bit differently and make the review process more objective, so players understand that they are comparing apples with apples (or should that be cherries, as they are the symbols you want to match up to cash out on the fruit machine?). There are so many platforms and game formats to choose from when igaming that players really do need to know where to look. Obviously, you could just ask a friend, but how do you know they like to play the same games as you do, and where on earth would one start looking to find the best bonuses? Even if you stumble across a site with fantastic offers, how do you ensure the site is legitimate, secure, and has the correct licenses.

Unlike many other products and services, online gambling involves sharing a good deal of personal and sensitive data. It mustn’t be just given out to anyone. Players must verify their age and where they live and link financial details to the online casino or sports betting site. Therefore a player must know a site is trustworthy. This is where a casino review site like really comes into its own. Not only does it have objective review criteria which all the gambling sites are measured against, but it has been setting the bar for trust and safety in online gambling for two decades. They are not just there for the fun either; they take their business very seriously.

Responsible gambling is a hot topic, and there have recently been changes to maximum stakes that can be placed online.  Decent affiliate sites want to ensure customers are looked after and no one is preyed upon. After all, gambling is supposed to be fun, and customers need to stand a fair chance of winning and be able to opt-out if it all becomes a bit much. adds responsible gambling information to its pages to remind people how to stay in control of their playing. They make sure that the brands they list offer safe gaming experiences that are genuinely entertaining. They see it as part of their job to educate players about how to gamble responsibly and what tools are available to them.

Casino affiliate businesses provide players with the information they need to find the games and bonuses they are looking for. They take all aspects of the player experience and journey into consideration and have often thought about things that someone setting out has not thought about. While a player wants to find the most engaging games, best odds, or most attractive bonuses, they also want to know where to go if something goes wrong. Therefore, sites are rated not only on the titles they feature and how good they are when played on desktop or mobile but also when their customer services are available and how easy it is to contact them.

The affiliate sites check out everything a player needs to know and then rank the sites against their set criteria. Those that get the highest scores overall get the highest rating. Things the sites do particularly well are also covered in the more in-depth reviews, so if a player is looking for a particular feature or game, they can search the affiliate’s site features like ‘best app’ or best ‘mobile gaming site’ or ‘best VIP’ program.

The affiliate sites also take into consideration payment options available to players. As gambling usually requires depositing real money, sites must have top-notch security and allow the players to make their deposits using the service they prefer, whether that is PayPal, direct debit, or a ‘cash-alternative’ such as prepaid cards. Good affiliate sites will also let you know where you can try out games for free, and many of them now offer reviews on social and sweepstakes casino sites. Last but by no means least, the affiliate sites look into how quickly any winnings will be paid out.

Using an affiliate site costs the user nothing but offers so many advantages you could say it is a win-win scenario, which is more than you can say about most odds on offer.

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