How Cloud Gaming Works

With the quick upgrade of technology and companies releasing advanced formats and platforms of digital interaction, we have seen a huge influx of users switching to newer platforms and an evolution of digital behaviour. With new opportunities coming up, everyone is rushing to get on to the cloud and have their presence felt. The online gambling industry is different; more and more casinos are introducing cloud gaming options to cater to their local and global audiences.

The cloud-based gaming is an easy and cost-effective way of providing users access to the game. The process is simple, the user logs on to the casino website, selects a game and then starts playing. The data for the game is all stored on servers located in data centres, so when you start a game or switch between games or even different casinos, you are not downloading anything; rather, you are accessing it from the cloud. The process is just as simple as accessing your email account or any other online account. Go visit Ice Casino online and explore its new offerings. For the un-ushered, first, let us understand what cloud gaming is all about.

Cloud Gaming – The Next Best Thing in The Gaming World

The cloud serves the purpose of removing heavy physical IT infrastructures for accessing the internet and storing data files. The same function is carried on in the case of cloud games. Cloud games are simply games that can be played over a live streaming platform that does not need the hassle of installation. This means if you are a player, you will not be required to download the game on a device in order to access it. You can access it directly from the cloud. In order to access high-quality gaming content through the cloud, there will be little to no need to have powerful machinery as long as you have a strong internet connection.

The Advantages of Cloud Gaming

Cloud-based gaming has many advantages over regular software-based gaming, including but not limited to lower hardware requirements, cheaper access to games, and a larger variety of games available. The major advantage that it has over download-based gaming is that it does not take up any space on your computer/laptop, and you can access it from any device with an internet connection. You can play from anywhere at any time and do not have to worry about having enough space on your device for your favourite games.

The Disadvantages of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming also has some disadvantages over traditional PC gaming. Since the system is hosted on the server and not locally installed on the client’s machine, there are some limitations to what can be achieved in terms of graphics quality. Cloud services also have strict bandwidth caps that may limit a user’s experience with certain high-end titles.

How Does Cloud Gaming Work?

Cloud games are essentially hosted on servers by means of powerful virtual machines. What happens is a video stream of the game is compressed and sent to a user via the internet. It all happens in real-time, though there might be some lags occasionally due to various reasons. The entire process happens in milliseconds, and the user experiences the game as if it were running on his local machine, with no perceivable latency.

In a sense, cloud gaming is very similar to online streaming platforms like Netflix etc. The gameplay functions on the input, which then results in activation of the interface, adding value to the user experience. While this is bad for gaming, it’s not necessarily bad for streaming services. The input lag is mostly unnoticeable in any non-competitive setting, so it will not be a problem for Netflix or YouTube.

The issue with latency comes into play during competitive settings, such as fighting games. In these types of games, every millisecond counts and having to wait for even a tenth of a second to see your inputs translate into actions on the screen can mean everything. This is where the cloud’s true potential lies: the ability to create a gaming experience that has no input lag at all. As long as the network is fast enough and stable enough (which it isn’t yet), there will be no noticeable delay in your inputs when playing via cloud gaming. This will enable you to compete against other players from around the world with just as much ease as you would play against someone in your living room with an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

In this article, we saw what cloud gaming is and how it works. Even though it has been some time since the concept and its supporting technology have come into existence, there is still a long way to go. There is still some time when the true potential of cloud technology will be felt and seen in the gaming world.

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