How Background Music Influences the Gaming Experience

“The pictures tell the story, but the music tells you how to feel” – Grant Kirkhope (a modern Scottish composer who wrote the soundtrack to Donkey Kong 64, Civilization, Super Smash Bros, and other games).

What would you think if we said, “Super Mario” or “Tetris”? Wager, the music from these games is now “played” in your head. It’s just a few melodic sounds, but for you, it’s “the voice of nostalgia.” It proves that music in games is not just a couple of notes – it is a way to make the gameplay perfect and memorable.

That’s not just in old console games. Indeed, you will have 10+ favorite soundtracks for games. Maybe you set the radio wave “Wave 103” in GTA: Vice City to listen to Depeche Mode – Everything Counts? Or perhaps you, like millions of players worldwide, discovered Hyper – FCKD and fell in love with Cyberpunk 2077?! You can answer as you like, but the truth is one – not the player’s musical preferences, but the connection to the game makes the music unforgettable.

If you have ever asked yourself, “How did they find the music for this game?” the text below is written for you. Styngr Creators Fund knows why the music you listen to during the game is more than just “background music.” And we will tell you what role the soundtracks of your favorite games play.

Why background music in video games is essential

The music in the game is much more than a beautiful tune. Music in missions helps solve some problems, and background music is triggered for other things. To understand this, turn off the music in the game settings and see that the missions become monotonous.

We have understood the five most important tasks that music performs 100%. And briefly tell you about them.

It creates the right atmosphere

The music in the game’s background can be compared to the clear night sky during a romantic dinner. You won’t look at the stars because your crush is sitting in front of you. Like with games – choose the music, adjust the right wave, and relax.

Just try playing the songs of your favorite band during the storyline of any cult game. And then go on any mission and listen to the music in the game… that’s another thing, isn’t it?

It makes the game more memorable

As soon as you hear the first samples of Lil Jon (The Eastside Boyz) – Get Low, remember immediately about the game NFS “Underground.” This song has long been the hallmark of the game. So, the main task of the cooperation of the composer and game designer is not to create a musical masterpiece but to find the best composition on which players will remember the game in 10+ years.

Increases gamer’s immersion in the game

When you hear the northern motifs in The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim amid endless mountains and waterfalls, it’s hard to stay away from the gameplay. It would seem that this is just music, but it helps you enjoy the scenery more. It’s like you’re immersed in the game and be a traveler, a brave adventurer.

In such moments, you forget that background music is not your favorite. But it helps to tune into the gameplay.

It keeps the player’s attention

The missions in the game may be the same, but you can easily concentrate on the details with the right music. And conversely, if the music is correct, the attention will dissipate, and it needs to be clarified what to do.

Sometimes you don’t even hear the music, which makes you do the right thing.

It helps with in-game navigation

We know you’ve seen how game designers define faster, more extreme music in key game moments. When Tommy Angelo escapes his pursuers in the Mafia game, and sneaks past the guards at the mansion, he chooses a quiet melody. It helps the player focus on the mission.

What’s fascinating about “running forward to accomplish a mission”?! Because you do it in almost every game. But running harmoniously through “Little Italy” streets creates a beautiful feeling.

The importance of music in video games

If you like to play games on a computer or console, you know how important the piece is. If you turn off the light a little, put on the headphones, and as soon as the familiar motif has played out – you are already enjoying.

Many of us are used to hearing popular hits in games. But there are missions in the game when a favorite melody does not help to focus on the game. And it would be best if you turned on the background music as it becomes clear.

For example, try the Prologue (Blood Labyrinth) in Max Payne without music. You can only do it the first time if:

  • you have already N-times passed the game and remembered the way;
  • you watched the Internet walk-through before;
  • or, of course, if you turn on background music and pay attention to tips.

So if you want to get 100% of the fun from your favorite game on your computer or console – launch the game and turn on the background music to make it complete the visual range.

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  1. Music in video games is, like you mention, definitive in terms of molding a player’s experience. And there have indeed been moments while playing video games where the soundtrack moved me forward in the game, kept me coming back for more.

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