Hour Of Victory Ships For 360


Midway Games Inc. (NYSE:MWY), a leading interactive entertainment industry publisher and developer, today announced that Hour of Victory, the highly-anticipated World War II first-person shooter now exclusively for Xbox 360, has shipped to retailers nationwide.

"Hour of Victory gives gamers a chance to play a World War II game the way they want – whether as a guns-blazing Commando, a stealthy covert-operative, or a sharpshooting Ranger," said Steve Allison, chief marketing officer, Midway. "Built using Unreal Engine 3.0, Hour of Victory delivers high-action moments throughout, both in the single-player campaign or with the three different multiplayer modes over Xbox Live."

Hour of Victory allows gamers to play a key role in the pivotal and cinematic battles from the European and North African theaters of World War II, using the skills and gameplay style they choose.

Sneak into enemy territory as a covert operative, storm the gates as a British Commando, or snipe from afar as an Army Ranger – each character's unique attributes will be needed for the fulfillment of the overall objective.

Built using the powerful Unreal Engine 3.0, Hour of Victory combines authentic details from historic World War II battles and adds frenetic and cinematic gameplay. Players will also be able to jump in and out of vehicles on the battlefield whenever they wish.

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