Hello Kitty Announces Christmas Beta Party

Sanrio Digital today invited Founders of Hello Kitty Online to an exclusive Hello Kitty Online Christmas gathering. From December 17 to December 22, 2008, Hello Kitty Online founders will celebrate the last party of the year in Sanrio Land: the "Founders' Christmas Reunion."

The Founders' Christmas Reunion will feature exclusive game content specially made for the players who participated in the recent Founders' Beta, including:

Special Christmas quests that will send you to a fun filled adventure around Sanrio Land to put Christmas back on track.

Newly designed exclusive Christmas maps to explore.

The fruits of the Build New York quests will finally be revealed! Be the first to visit Sanrio Land's newest city: New York!

The Hello Kitty Online Founders' Christmas Reunion begins December 17, 2008 at 22:00 EST, and will finish December 22, 2008 at 23:59 EST. Please note that Hello Kitty Online will not be accessible outside of this period.

A patch to update the Founders' Beta game clients will be available shortly before the Founders' Christmas Reunion opens. The game installer will also be available for download for users who have uninstalled or lost their Founders' Beta installers.

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