Grand Theft Auto V Guidebook Added To Prize Pool

The fine folks over at BradyGames have added several hardback copies of their excellent Grand Theft Auto V Strategy Guide to the GiN Prize Pool.

As most of readers know, prizes are given away every single week. Every subscriber to the free weekly GiN Newsletter has a chance of being chosen. And when they win, they can pick from any of the prizes listed there.

“Every prize that we add to the pool is one that we feel gamers will love and appreciate,” said GiN Publisher Nate Wooley. “And the signature series guide is amazing. It’s a hardback copy with over 300 pages of fun facts and secrets to help you get the most out of Grand Theft Auto V. If you want to really experience Los Santos to it’s fullest, travel there with the guide in hand, and your pistol in the other.”

Subscribing to the weekly GiN Newsletter is free, and everyone who does is eligible to become the weekly winner.


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