Giants Software Debuts First Gameplay Trailer for Farming Simulator 23

GIANTS Software has revealed the first gameplay trailer for Farming Simulator 23. The new gameplay footage shows many different features and improvements of the game, which will be released May 23rd on Nintendo Switch. Farming Simulator 23 sets the new benchmark for farming mobile games in the genre-leading, globally successful Farming Simulator brand, invented by publisher and developer GIANTS Software 15 years ago.

More than three years after its predecessor Farming Simulator 20, GIANTS Software expands the scope, gameplay possibilities, and features list of the new Farming Simulator 23 for the Nintendo Switch.

At its core, Farming Simulator 23 creates massive opportunities for an agricultural empire with farming, animal husbandry, and forestry. Players have a selection of more than 100 authentically digitized vehicles and tools from renowned manufacturers to seed, grow and harvest 14 different crops. They will learn new field mechanics and produce valuable goods.

Players will be able to tend to cows, horses, pigs, sheep, and the newly added chickens, as introduced in the cutting-edge cinematic trailer. They can also take a stroll and search for collectibles or simply enjoy the seasonal visual changes in the landscapes: There is a lot to explore in Amberstone and Neubrunn, the two unique maps inspired by environments in the USA and Europe.

New gameplay mechanics allow various production chains in which players can expand their businesses by producing flour from their harvested wheat to sell bread, furniture from wood, or even clothes from sheep wool. Plowing and weeds offer more new activities as additional options to cultivate the fields.

Farming Simulator 23 will be released May 23, 2023 on the Nintendo Switch.

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