Getting What You Deserve: PoE Pricing Guide for Trading


Knowing how to price items in Path of Exile (PoE) can be tricky. It won’t sell if it’s too high, and you won’t get what you deserve if you sell too low. Thankfully, there are ways to figure out how much items are worth. Read up and learn how you can make money in PoE Trading.

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Referring to Forums

For starters, you can check forums or ask around. It’s a simple but effective way of finding out item prices. If you encounter a particular thing and unsure whether you should get it or let it be, then connect with forums or other external sources and references first.

The challenge is that items in games like PoE have varying modifiers, and many of these modifiers have changing numbers. It could be hard to look for items with specific prices that have unique mod combinations. Instead of checking the item’s price, which can prove difficult, check the prices for a particular mod.
Before pulling the trigger, first, recognize what mod items should have for them to be tradable, which includes the following:

1. Crit Multiplier

2. Flat Physical Damage

3. Elemental Damage

4. Elemental Resistance

5. Spell Damage

6. Cast Speed

7. Bonus attributes

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Checking Out the Mods

On top of those in-demand mods is their synergy with one another. The more synergistic they are with their fellow mods or a particular build, the greater the demand and higher the pricing.

For Crit Multiplier, it goes well with any item in the game, thanks to how it operates. As for Flat Physical Damage, it’s best when joined with Weapon Elemental Damage since elemental damage can scale with physical harm.

As for rings, Double Resist are popular mods, especially lightning. In fact, 40% Lightning Resistance or more on a topaz base can have high prices, especially if paired with other good mods. Attack Speed and Flat Physical Damage are also good mods to rings for obvious reasons. Meanwhile, for amulets, Spell Damage and Cast Speed work well together. In fact, they are frequently bought by many characters whose builds rely on spellcasting.

Lastly, any gear pieces that provide high complimentary stats for certain builds are always a plus. For example, players with Dex-based builds would pay a hefty sum for items that give Str and Int boosts. Why? Well, it would help them utilize skills that require these attributes without the need to pump it up themselves and alter their builds too much.

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Keeping Trends in Mind

Another factor that plays a major role in pricing for mods is the mods’ values. The higher they are, the better. Now, if they’re a few points lower than usual, sell your item for a lower price but not significantly less. It’s only fair to do; besides, nobody would buy it for the same price compared to items with better stats anyway.

A factor that is not related to mods is the relevance about the current league and metagame. When it comes to the former, a league item is more expensive at the beginning of a league and cheaper near the end of it because of supply and demand. Plus, more players already have it by the end of a particular league.

No trading rules are set in stone, including pricing in PoE Trade. However, a lack of rules doesn’t mean a lack of norms. Following standards are necessary if you want to make a living from trading in any MMO. Consider these things so that you can do well in PoE Currency Trading.

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