Gatewalkers Co-Op Action RPG Slashing to Consoles

Captain’s Journal: “We are living in a dying world, where breeding animals or farming plants is no longer possible. Everything is born dead. We, as Gatewalkers, are left with no other choice but to travel to different worlds, where we’ll try to gather food to survive and the resources needed to heal our world. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll make it habitable again.”


Take on the role of one of the “Gatewalkers” – a member of an elite organization called The Guild, who, along with his fellow teammates, is being sent to explore distant corners of the universe to save their homeland.

During your journey through the Gates that the Ancients have built, and other mysterious constructs found in all reachable worlds, you will face various dangers. And while facing them, you will only be able to depend on your quick reflexes to move around the battlefield, plan your actions, and co-operate with your team members. Enemies that you’ll encounter will require you to adjust both your strategy and equipment to defeat them. Remember, however, that changing equipment results in a change to your fighting style too, as all your skills are attributed to particular elements of your armor and weapons.

Last but not least will be taking good care of your mental health or caring for your other basic needs, as these are as crucial to being victorious in your mission as making sure that your guns are loaded and your armor patched.

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