Gary Coleman Pitches Postal 2 At E3

Explosive videogame developer Running With Scissors, creators of the top-selling PC game POSTAL 2, laid more than waste to the 2003 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles this week with a combo of balls and beauty as they whipped through the expo halls avoiding staff security.

"Uh, it ain’t what it looks like," said a dapperly dressed Gary Coleman as the girls known as the POSTAL BABES unzipped their pants to show off their POSTAL 2 thongs. Thousands of fans snapped their best shots of Gary and the girls as the Running With Scissors entourage made its way around the show.

"Hey, this is great! We got Gary and the girls and now our own security team – compliments of the house!" boned Vince Desi, Running With Scissors’ orifice of understatement. "Several major exhibitors complained to E3’s management that our presence was ‘disruptive and disturbing.’ Yet despite several warnings and threats to be removed from the show floor, the RWS crew gave the fans exactly what they wanted: more Gary, more Girls, more Thongs! Some companies give away t-shirts. We give away THONGS!"

"It’s been a long, hard-stroking trip," waxed the nauseatingly nostalgic Desi, "and every last stroke was worth it. All that counts is the fans. I’ve always said it’s all about Fan Power."

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