GamersGate Turns 1,000

GamersGate has announced that last week it added the 1000th title to its growing library of downloadable PC games – Braid. The independently developed puzzle-platformer that swept the gaming industry in 2008, Braid proved that independent titles can achieve widespread success outside of traditional development and distribution models. Braid is a testament to the dedication, creativity and innovation of the independent game development community.

"Braid not only challenges traditional game design, it challenges the very fabric of the industry by achieving critical success as a download only title," said, Theodore Bergquist, CEO of GamersGate. "Our goal is to enable market access for small development companies in order to foster innovation in the industry, and having Braid as our 1,000th title is a symbol of our success."

Braid, Casual Game of 2008 in the Interactive Achievement Awards, is currently available for sale on

Published by Microsoft Game Studios, Braid is available for 14.95.
GamersGate now has over 1025 titles in its catalog from a variety of publishers including EA, Ubisoft, THQ, and many others. Their diverse catalog consists of a dynamic mix of major AAA titles, niche titles, and the best selection of indie titles on the web.
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