Gamers Tempted By Books

Gamers can now combine their love for solving puzzles into a literary pursuit. A new Sci-Fi thriller entitled The Looking Glass Club offers readers more than 32 puzzles to solve and is available at Barnes & Noble and, both in hardcopy and electronic form. The book, independently published by Brit author Gruff Davies, shot into Amazon UK’s Best Sellers Charts this week, listing 28th in the Thrillers section. And, from now until Dec. 20th, the author is offering an Apple iPad to one lucky and clever person who can solve all the puzzles in the first four chapters of the book. All readers who have correctly solved all the puzzles in the first four chapters will be entered into a drawing being held on December 21, 2010. The lucky winner will receive an Apple iPad, courteous of Gruff.

The Looking Glass Club is highly original, witty and terrifying in equal measure. This fast-paced thriller grips from page one and won’t let go. Crammed with big ideas, and written with boundless imagination, this thought-provoking novel will delight sci-fi fans and consume intelligent readers everywhere.

To enter to win an iPad, players need to solve the first four puzzles found in the first four chapters of the book, then use the solution tester found on the The Looking Glass Club website to verify their solutions. Once their answers are saved, entrants will then need to enter their submission on the book’s site’s mini game entry form to win. For more information about the contest and the book, go to

The Looking Glass Club Brief Overview

When a pregnant stranger, Skyler, is dumped on his doorstep with a sinister note, Steel finds himself in a race to restore her memory before they are both killed by an assassin with a frightening gift. What is Skyler’s connection to his past, and how much longer can Steel protect the world against the secret that he’s guarded for decades?"

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