Game Jam Project Aims at Combatting Voter Suppression in Georgia

Beginning November 8-10, The New Georgia Project will host its first ever Game Jam, to “gamify civic engagement.” This conference is aimed at increasing Black and Brown participation in civic engagement with a 72-hour contest of video game development focused on voter protection and participation. New Georgia Project will be joined by local lawmakers, celebrities and professional gamers. Prizes will be distributed for the top 3 game ideas and will be built for mobile and popular gaming platforms. In addition to the teams who will be creating games, we’re also hosting a game tournament for Mortal Kombat and Madden. There will be free food, free admission, and cash prizes for the winners.

Game Jam combines voting and gaming to create a collaborative space for encouraging political discourse. This is an effort to engage voters, purged voters, celebrities, game developers, designers and professional gamers to eliminate the 800,000 unregistered person of color gap in Georgia. 65% of Americans play video games, and 59% of gamers are certain they will vote in the next presidential election. New Georgia Project is hosting Game Jam to focus on leveraging these numbers and turning it into political power.

“Getting information about issues and candidates can be hard, particularly for new or infrequent voters. Our goal is to leverage technology to reach folks who are often left out of the conversation; Our hope is that our advocacy and education will help them feel more confident stepping into the booth on Election Day,” said Nse Ufot, executive director of the New Georgia Project.

WHO: New Georgia Project

WHAT: Civic Engagement Game Jam

WHEN: November 8-10, 2019

WHERE: Axis Replay, 112 Krog St. NE Suite 10, Atlanta, GA 30307

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