Game Artist Begins The Mansky Caper Kickstarter


Matt Franklin has been working hard on the art for The Mansky Caper. Matt attended and graduated from Kendall College of Art in Grand Rapids Michigan with a degree in Illustration/graphic design in 2006.

After that he began working as a freelance illustrator for a number of clients. In the game industry, Matt credits include: Slugfest Games: Red Dragon Inn 5th Ed. (Joran the trickster deck), StoryClub Games: StoryCraze Planet Mercenary RPG game: Various players handbook illustrations, Genius Games: “Virulence: An infectious card game” and “Peptide: A protein Building game.”

Each character in The Mansky Caper has a special ability. Matt, as the project artist, helps to create the world of the game and translate the game mechanics into thematic storytelling and game play. Looking at Abraca-Deborah, a World-Famous Stage Magician and a Master of Sleight of Hand, we begin to get a sense of what she can do during the Caper. Will she make more than her loot disappear?

Join Calliope Games on January 11, 2018 as we take the next step towards bring the world of The Mansky Caper to life. Be a first day Backer; after all “It’s an offer you can De-Fuse!


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