Gaijin Entertainment Making Android Games

Gaijin Entertainment, an award-winning developer and publisher of multiplatform video games, is announcing that they will start releasing games for Android. The company’s first Android releases, real-time strategy game Modern Conflict and social game Gomoku With Pals, are now available as free downloads from Android Market.

Modern Conflict brings Gaijin’s acclaimed iPhone / iPad war game to Android. In this real-time strategy game, players compete in combat missions across America, Russia, and China using simple but addictive touch controls. Tap to select units, then tap to send them into battle. Repeat until you win! The free-to-play Modern Conflict is available on Android Market:

A variant of one of the oldest and best-known timewasters, Tic-Tac-Toe, Gomoku With Pals (developed by Indigo Games) is an abstract strategy board game in which each player tries to create a row of his or her own pieces, while blocking the opponent from doing the same. In-game chat and Facebook integration allow players to communicate with and compete against friends while playing. The game can be downloaded for free from Android Market:

"The demand for Android games just keeps growing, and we’re glad to join the party," says Anton Yudintsev, Gaijin Entertainment’s CEO. "We look forward to expanding our Android roster in the coming years, both with ports of our popular iOS games and with new releases developed for Android-enabled smart phones and tablets."

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