From A-Rated Dominance To AI Integration, A Look At Mobile Gaming’s Revolutionary Charge

Mobile gaming was, for many years, considered the outsider in the technologically-driven world of video games. However, as CNBC highlights, mobile gaming has arguably been the driver that has changed the world of gaming – and changed it permanently. From the early days of Temple Run and Angry Birds, mobile gaming has evolved in such a way that, today, it’s actually the huge A-rated titles that are turning their hand towards mobile devices. Not the other way around.

Dominating through cosmetics

The biggest names in the market, such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite, are increasingly reliant on the mobile market. Their mobile games offer altered versions of the console and PC games, but are nevertheless graphically capable and widely enjoyed. Even away from the mobile, GameRant notes how these games rely on the mobile free-to-play (F2P) model. Interest in the game is generated through cosmetics and loot boxes, which offer a chance at winning appearances for characters, with new looks and challenges released monthly and each new Season bringing a new overarching theme entirely.

Providing creative tools

The relatively simple technology in mobile phones is also enabling indie developers to get more deeply involved in the process. According to reports, indie engine developers Unity are expecting huge growth in the mobile space, both in terms of big studio titles and hyper casual games. This has had a positive impact on wider gaming, too, with greater numbers of people able to put their ideas into a format than ever before through Unity and the Unreal engine.

 Introducing AI

Where mobile games are perhaps proving to be a trailblazer above all else is their adoption of AI. According to Forbes, mobile games including Justice Mobile Online, an upcoming MMO, will use the generative capabilities of AI to enhance the dialogue and play of their title. Games have of course relied on engine-constructed AI for a long time – indeed, any strategy gamer will spend countless hours working out the best way to overcome the likes of Civ and AoEs hardest computer opponents. Generative AI, however, is an entirely new frontier.

In a dramatic reversal to the mid-00s, it’s now the trends and needs of the mobile gaming arena that dictate wider video game development. Whether it’s Fortnite, CoD, League of Legends or Diablo, mobile gaming enthusiasts will continue to enjoy focus from the industry seniors.

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