Following in the footsteps of Console Games


All console games are made on PCs. This naturally means that console games are an improvement from PC games. While evolution does play tricks and sometimes the next stage in a “things” timeline are not as awesome as we would like console games have not been a disappointment. These games came and provided gamers with a truly unique way of gaming. In a sense, console games revolutionized the gaming industry.

Then Came Online Casino Games

Online casino games are a relatively new entrant in the gaming business. This is despite gambling games having been around since before the first computer was imagined, with is more than 3,000 years ago. The reason for this is that computer games had to provide the inspiration.

Computer games were the first digitalization of common games. Basic games like chess and other simple card games being made available on computer paved way for the creation of more entertaining games. And with the development of technology which made games more interactive come the idea to put gambling games online. The first internet casino going online in 1994 and the first legal online casino in Australia came in 2000.

Copying from the Best

As mentioned earlier, casino games were created as a result of computer games going online. Internet entrepreneurs in the gambling sector saw the opportunity and did not hesitate to pounce on it. They designed games based on the computer games that were there at the time. The games offered the usual slot machine titles and the some of the most popular table gambling games. The games progressively got better in terms of graphics quality and playability as computer games kept getting better.

Unfortunately when the computer games made a break for the console industry gambling games failed to keep following. The primary reason being that they knew they could not mirror the numbers that were recorded by the top consoles as the century ended.

However, now the situation is very different. Console games are moving to VR and casino games are following. This time around the numbers of internet gamblers are sufficiently strong and the technology is encouraging.

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