Fizzy Launches Fantasy Zoo Game

3RD Sense, which operates the successful games website, and develops games and online apps for consumers and innovative brands worldwide, today announced the release of Fantasy Zoo – a rich, absorbing and slightly quirky, sim management game.

In a world filled with fantastic creatures, you're the owner of a zoo. It's your task to build the zoo from the ground up: installing enclosures and amenities, hiring staff members, landscaping the grounds and purchasing, breeding, selling and maintaining a zoo full of creatures ranging from the bizarre to the strange. The better you make the zoo experience for your customers, the more ‘zoo money' you earn and the more you can improve your zoo.

To extend the experience, Fantasy Zoo also incorporates a full trading system that allows the player to breed their animals then buy and sell them online with other players.
"In Fantasy Zoo we've taken the best of some of the social management games like Farmville on Facebook to allow players to work with and compete against others," says Colin Cardwell, CEO of 3RD sense. "The trading environment offers the chance to buy and sell for profit which players put back into making an even better zoo."

Players of the full version can save up to five zoos at a time and display them in the online gallery. Zoo's can also be saved at any time for players to return to.

Luke Percival, creator and designer of Fantasy Zoo says, "I wanted to make a game that appeals to everyone. It incorporates elements of strategy, management and simulation games. It's a bit quirky, a bit humorous and, ultimately, fun."

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