Fingerprint Announces Seven New Learning Apps For Kids


Fingerprint, a mobile entertainment network for kids, is teaming up with TigerFace Games, an award-winning app developer, to deliver seven new collaborative learning apps that allow kids and families to play and learn together. This multi-title release on the Fingerprint Play network is inspired by the power of collaborative learning. Ideal for home or school, these new apps allow kids in groups of two to four players to team up or go head-to-head to hone their math, science and language skills using a single tablet.

"These types of collaborative learning apps are using technology to drive the most engaged, social learning by bringing kids together around a single device much like the successful dynamics of a board game," said Nancy MacIntyre, CEO and co-founder of Fingerprint. "For families, TigerFace Game’s award-winning apps on Fingerprint’s entertainment network are no doubt the future of a shared, mobile-learning experience at home and at school that is both purposeful and fun."

Collaborative play and learning where kids work together to solve problems’ is becoming increasingly important. Research has found that collaborative learning helps improve retention, enhance interpersonal skills and even improve time on tasks. At its core, collaborative learning is about a shared experience and ultimately, about relationships. Technology, and specifically games, can be an ideal tool to get students actively engaged with one another and also with the subject matter.

"TigerFace has introduced collaborative learning apps across schools in the UK, and we’re thrilled to bring our best learning apps to the Fingerprint network for families everywhere," said Kate Ho, Managing Director of TigerFace Games. "Whether brushing up on math facts or enjoying a quick word battle, it’s this kind of social game play that translates into learning moments shared between kids."


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