Fantazzle Opens Fantasy Baseball Season


Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games has unveiled it's 2010 fantasy baseball games with a daily fantasy baseball game and a weekly fantasy baseball game offering. The fantasy baseball games join Fantazzle's current fantasy sports games offerings that include fantasy football games, fantasy basketball, fantasy racing, fantasy hockey and fantasy golf. All of the games at pit users against each other on a daily or weekly basis with the winners receiving immediate cash prizes.

"There are many reason for fantasy fans to play our daily and weekly fantasy baseball games," says Fantazzle founder and president Ryan Parr, "Some fans may not have the time or energy for a season league or aren't able to pull a league together before the start of the baseball season. Even if you are involved in a season league, you might want to play in more games." The length of the fantasy baseball season and the dedication required has been known to be a reason why fantasy football games has surpassed fantasy baseball in popularity. While fantasy baseball was first to hit mainstream, fantasy football is easily the most played with over 23 million participants according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Parr is confident that Fantazzle's short duration games can remedy this concern and also remove issues like poor drafts or injuries that eliminate teams from contention during the 2010 fantasy baseball season.

There are two Fantasy Baseball Challenge games to choose from – Daily Fantasy Baseball Challenge Game and the Weekly Fantasy Baseball Challenge Games. The daily fantasy baseball game starts when the first game of the day starts. The weekly fantasy baseball game begins every Monday and ends with the last pitch on Sunday. Fantazzle provides immediate cash prizes when the game ends providing instant gratification that you do not get from season games.

The Challenge game format was designed to be easy to play and understand. Users select a roster of offensive players that accumulate points based on commonly used fantasy baseball stats. To make the game easier to play, pitchers are not used because they usually dominate fantasy outcomes and last minute pitching changes would eliminate most teams from winning.

Users have the option to play free fantasy basetball games and entry fee games. With the entry fee option, the user can select their preferred league size and entry fee which ranges from $5 to $100. Players choosing to play free fantasy baseball games can try the games with no risk and upgrade at any time.

Considering the popularity of fantasy baseball and industry feedback, Fantazzle has worked hard to create baseball games that appeal to the needs of die hard fans, as well as casual fan. With more than 8 million fantasy baseball players in North America,'s short duration fantasy baseball contests were not created to replace traditional fantasy games, but cater to those who want more options and others who are looking for a game that can be played with less commitment. Besides fantasy baseball, is also offering fantasy racing, fantasy golf, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, and fantasy football.

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games is a fantasy sports games company that focuses on creating innovative fantasy sports skill games and contests. The company launched in September of 2008 with the goal of becoming the world leader in non-traditional fantasy games by way of their short duration fantasy games for immediate cash prizes. Fantazzle is a U.S. corporation and a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA). In January of 2009, Fantazzle surprised the fantasy sports industry by being recognized jointly by the FSTA and the Fantasy Football Librarian as the winner of the 2008 Fantasy Football Projection Accuracy Challenge in their first year of operation. Fantasy games offered by Fantazzle include fantasy football games, fantasy basketball, fantasy golf, fantasy racing, fantasy hockey, and fantasy baseball games. Fantazzle is free to join and prospective members may sign up anytime at

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