You KNOW we are going to play this hand. Watch out people, chips are going to roll.

Facts That You Should Know About Online Casino Gambling

Online gambling is not new anymore. In fact the first casino was launched in 1996, that is over two decades ago. In this article we shall discuss the basics of internet gambling for people who would like to try it.

Online Gambling Laws

There are so many online gambling laws, depending on where you live. There are some places where gambling is illegal, here in Australia gambling is permitted. Even if we were to assume that it was illegal, the laws would not affect the end user but the actual casino.

Online Casinos Offer Fair Play

Most people worry about whether or not casino games are fair, they think online casino games are rigged. Well that is not true at all. Most real money casinos in USA also want a good reputation so that customers will keep coming to play real money online casino games. Casinos use Random Number Generators which are totally fair and have been approved by gambling authorities.

You Cannot Practice Card Counting in Online Blackjack

There are two ways that you can play online Blackjack using. You either play against a computer that Uses Random Number Generators or you will play with a live dealer via a webcam. In the later, you use a real deck of cards. The odds are the same in these games and you cannot card count in either of the two. This is because the games shuffle decks after every hand. Card counting becomes meaningless if the cards that have been dealt are shuffled back into the deck. According to sagamblingsites online casino, Card counting works when the ratio of high cards to low cards left in the deck are tracked.

Basic Strategy is Effective When Playing Online

With basic strategy you can get a house edge as low as 1% in online Blackjack.  If you use hunches in playing games online you will give the casino an advantage of about 2%. Learning basic strategy is not hard at all. In fact there are so many tutorials that can teach you online.

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