Esports Legend Parth Naidu Announces Research and Consultancy Company SIDO and Immortals Organization Partnership

Industry legend Parth Naidu launches SIDO, the first-ever research group and consultancy focused on a long-term approach to leveling up the esports industry.

Welcome SIDO, a revolutionary new company devoted to the long-term development of excellence for athletes, coaches, organizations, and publishers across the esports landscape. Founded and helmed by famed industry veteran Parth Naidu, SIDO helps its clientele tackle current problems within the competitive esports ecosystem. Through the collection, analysis, and application of game and player data, SIDO develops customized metrics and training programs in areas such as player practice, training and competition theories. SIDO focuses on restructuring programs within the professional, amateur, and collegiate ecosystems and guiding the way for continuous growth within the esports industry.

With nearly a decade of experience in executive esports roles, Parth brings with him an unprecedented track record for building and leading championship teams. In his role as Head Coach and then General Manager of TSM’s competitive teams, he led the organization to a record four North American League of Legends championships, helping the org become the winningest North American team in LCS history. With the launch of SIDO, Parth is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise and will specifically look to target projects that are unique, unexplored, or underfunded — with the clear intention of sharing the approach and lessons with the broader esports community.

“I know that esports as a whole will continue to grow, and I see esports as the medium through which we compete, push the boundaries of human potential and connect with people around the world,” says Naidu. “Over the past decade, esports has received enormous investments, mostly dedicated to the professional sector, contributing to a void for thousands of competitors on the collegiate and amateur levels. SIDO wants to change that by working with underfunded programs to integrate school digital literacy programs for students and parents, build recreational community and elite competitive programs, and create accessible opportunities for everyone. At SIDO, we will prove that it is possible to create the best esports athletes and teams in a healthy and ethical way and that inclusivity and diversity are essential for long-term excellence.”

Already hitting the ground running, SIDO has signed a partnership deal with North American esports organization Immortals, to work with their competitive operations division to bring in new players, staff, and coaches, with a focus on the growth and development of their LCS team.

SIDO is currently in talks with additional NA teams, collegiate programs, and major game publishers, to be announced in the coming months.

“There are many paths from where we are,” continued Naidu, “but I believe in a future where my friends and I are screaming in the stands, watching our kids compete in the high school league match for the newest game. I want to help build that future. Esports has given me everything, and I’m excited to build something for the next generation.”

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About SIDO

Founded in 2022 by famed esports coach and manager Parth Naidu, SIDO is the first research group and consultancy dedicated to the long-term development of excellence for athletes, coaches, organizations, and publishers across the esports landscape. SIDO is focused on projects that are unique, unexplored, and underfunded, with the vision to create the best esports athletes and teams healthily and ethically and to establish long-term excellence in the esports industry for generations to come.

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