Emergent Growing In Asia

Emergent is rapidly solidifying the company's presence in Asia with more than 130 Gamebryo projects currently in development. The company's strategy to aggressively pursue long-term client relationships by focusing on serving the needs of local developers and publishers, has resulted in market leadership in China and Korea in addition to rapidly gaining ground in Japan.

Gamebryo is becoming the development platform of choice for Asian studios. 9You, Tencent, The9, XSeed and Aurogon Games have all licensed Gamebryo for upcoming titles. Nexon, publisher of Mabinogi and upcoming Counter-Strike Online, entered a long-term, multi-SKU license deal confirming Gamebryo as their technology of choice. Korean power-house Dragonfly is using Gamebryo and its partner, Audiokinetic's Wwise, for their upcoming flagship title.

Gamebryo's highly scalable development environment and diverse list of integrated partners provides developers the entire underlying tech needed to design AAA titles. Gamebryo is highly flexible and allows the creation of simple casual PC games to high performance titles that push the capabilities of next-gen consoles. This frees customers from wasting development cycles fixing bugs in their tools when they would rather be spending it polishing gameplay. It also allows them to deliver projects on time and on budget.

"At Ferry Game we're standardizing our client side technology on Gamebryo. Gamebryo's extensible tool chain and engine allows us to concentrate on the game play instead of the core tech," said Steve Gray, vice president, Ferry Game. "In addition the scalable nature of the engine allows us address all platforms from the lowest-end PCs in 3rd tier cities in China to PS3 gamers in the United States. With our development slate growing rapidly every year, we need a stable and re-usable platform and Gamebryo is it."

Emergent's general manager for Asia, John Goodale, attributes the company's rapid growth to its fast response times and far-reaching customer support.

"Emergent customers in Asia are raising the state of game development with Gamebryo," says John Goodale, general manager Asia Operations, Emergent. "Online powerhouses in Korea, China and Taiwan use Gamebryo to power PC titles with millions of players. In Japan, developers have discovered that Gamebryo is the most flexible and powerful foundation for next-gen console development."

John Goodale will be at Games Convention Asia in Singapore later this month.

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