Embarrass Your Friends On Fun New IOS Game

Assyria Game Studio and Enormous Small Things are proud to announce the worldwide release of Crazy Island Golf to the iOS and Mac OS app stores!

Crazy Island Golf is a hilarious take on the sport of Mini Golf, and is available as a USD $1.99 premium download, as well as a FREE trial lite version! In real life, playing Mini Golf has always been fun! Whether you embarrass yourself in front of friends, or make a fool of yourself with your family, Mini Golf has forever been an activity that makes you burst with laughter! Why break tradition now? With Crazy Island Golf you will quickly be immersed through 32 unique islands of hilarious golfing! Unlock achievements and perform loop-the-loop and other crazy moves as you strive for the Holy Grail, the hole-in-on! With gorgeous 3D graphics (Retina Supported) and addicting gameplay, swing yourself to the app store immediately!Whenever I play golf I always end up hitting into the hedges… although my friends say it’s nice to see me beat around an actual bush for a change.

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