E3 – Sony Reveals 3D, Killzone 3 And Move At Press Conference

At the Sony E3 press conference, the talk was all about Sony’s vision for the PS3, and about being on track in year four of their ten year PS3 plan to make the PS3 the centerpiece of an entertainment network.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer opened up the show by saying that Sony would bring 3D to the masses the way they steered everyone toward Blu-ray. He also revealed that a recent PS3 software update had made every single PS3 console in existence ready for 3D gaming. He said three titles were 3D ready now, and that many more would be available by the end of the year.

One highly anticipated 3D title is Killzone 3, which was announced would ship in February 2011. A demo of the game being played in 3D was shown at the press conference, eliciting "oohs" and "ahhs" from those in attendance. The demo was live, and went off without a hitch.

Sony Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai stressed that all 3D PS3 titles would be native 3D ones. In other words, they would be created to run in 3D, and not have 3D backwardly thrown into the mix. He said that Sony was the only company that would be making all its 3D titles natively.

Of course the Sony Move, the new motion controller for the PS3, was also stressed. Hirai said that when 3D is combined with Move, there will be no greater experience where players can feel like they are part of the game. Titles that will have both 3D and Move compatibly include MLB10 The Show, Killzone 3 and The Fight: Lights Out. Videos were shown of all three games running in 3D, again to great crowd reaction.

Mortal Kombat and Gran Turismo 5 were also shown running in 3D. Hirai stressed that looking out over the hood in Gran Turismo 5, racing through a realistic 3D world, is a heart-pounding experience not to be missed.

The Move controller itself was also praised. Sony said it would be the only 1:1 motion controller on the market, and that it would cost less than $100 at launch.

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