Does Cyberpunk 2077 Deserve Another Chance?

There was a great deal of hype around the release of Cyberpunk 2077, but it ended up being a damp squib and never lived up to expectations. CD Projekt Red has been working hard on fixing issues, though, and it could be worth revisiting.

The main problem with Cyberpunk was that there were various bugs and problems. This may have been because the developer felt pressure to bring it out too early, after already missing previous release targets. Now that it’s available on new-generation consoles, there’s a lot to like about this game.

Hacking Feature of the Game Was a Great Touch

In an age of innovative security software, games that show the potential of hacking are hugely popular. For most Internet users, passwords are still the most prevalent security method. If Cyberpunk 2077 is correct about the future of tech, we will need better safety protocols online.

In an interesting infographic from ExpressVPN, the abundance of weak passwords online is incredible. There are millions of users opting for similar passwords like “123456,” and each country has its own most popular password such as “iloveyou” in the USA. This research highlights how we desperately need biometrics to enter the mainstream.

In Cyberpunk, there are plenty of nods to biometrics, with the developers predicting that they will play a big part in the future. However, inhabitants of the underworld have still devised ways to hack technology, and this is an integral part of the gameplay. This feature gives players another way to beat enemies, and it is an innovative idea that could inspire other similar features in future games.

Game Looks Way More Impressive on the Latest Consoles

Cyberpunk was released just before the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X hit the market. It would have made more sense for CD Projekt Red to wait for these consoles, but fans were crying out for its release. According to a report from Xfire, now the game is out on these consoles, it works much better.

Indeed, the graphics and visuals of Night City look incredible, and players can get fully immersed in this futuristic world. Everything runs much smoother on the higher-capability consoles as well, and you can now experience the original vision of the developers.

CD Projekt Red Has a Team Working on Bug Fixes

Ever since the release of Cyberpunk in 2020, CD Projekt Red has had various teams working on bug fixes. ScreenRant reported on a bug-fixing mission that was undertaken by some of the industry’s most popular modders. It leveraged the power of the community and managed to identify a lot of the minor issues through this process.

CD Projekt Red still has a large portion of its overall workforce tasked with continuing to iron out issues in Cyberpunk. Its reputation is at stake, so it would be reasonable to expect that the game may be perfect in the future. At that point, there will be more downloadable content that can add to the overall experience.

Because of CD Projekt Red’s fine work on The Witcher series, gamers should give them another chance. The original release of Cyberpunk was a disappointment, but the developers have worked hard to fix their errors. Now, the game looks stunning on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

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