DigiPen Offering Digital Art Production Degree

DigiPen Institute of Technology, a global leader in game development education, will begin offering a new degree program for artists interested in applying their knowledge to a new discipline and recent graduates of BFA or related programs who want to advance their skills in digital art production. DigiPen’s Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts, available on a full- or part-time basis, will begin in September 2012.

DigiPen consulted with hiring managers and senior artists at a number of studios including Bungie, Valve, Microsoft, Warner Brothers and Gas Powered Games to determine the industry’s evolving needs for studio artists before developing the program’s 60 credit hour curriculum.

DigiPen’s MFA in Digital Arts differs from other programs in its focus on applying traditional art knowledge and techniques to the game art production process. The program emphasizes foundational studies such as anatomy, figure drawing, sculpture, art history and color theory while also teaching students to apply that knowledge in a production environment through courses in character design, digital sculpting, hard surface modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering and rigging.

During the program, students will be able to develop a strong portfolio of work and, upon graduation, will be able to integrate quickly into professional game teams.

"DigiPen’s MFA program will advance today’s modern sculptor in the digital age," says Ted Warnock, senior animator at Flying Lab Software and a long-time industry veteran. " I think the curriculum, from the fundamentals of traditional figure drawing and sculpture to the latest in 3D digital modeling, will produce the skills of the well-rounded, fully educated character artists we look to hire at our studio in the future."

DigiPen currently offers bachelor’s degrees in real-time interactive simulation, digital art and animation, computer engineering and game design as well as a master’s degree in computer science.

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