Developers Form Special Sex Group

A Sex Special Interest Group (Sex SIG) has formed within the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) to address the challenges and possibilities for adult content within games. The Sex SIG, which has been in the making since the 2005 Game Developers Conference last March, will provide an outlet where information can be shared among developers and those who wish to enter the field.

"The Sex SIG will serve as an arena for developers to address the issues and challenges facing the use of adult sexual content in video games," said Brenda Brathwaite, Sex SIG Chair/Founder and Lead Designer on Playboy: The Mansion from Cyberlore Studios. "Our main objective is to encourage responsible development."

The Sex SIG will serve as a source for related industry news and will provide an online discussion forum and mailing list to promote developer interaction. The group is also working on several initiatives to fortify adult content representation, including conference lectures and white papers outlining responsible development practices and how to promote appropriate access to content.

"Sexual content in video games is not a new phenomenon," said Jason Della Rocca,
Executive Director, IGDA. "Recent events are merely intensifying the attention to the topic, further validating the need for developers to connect on these issues."

For more information on the IGDA’s Sex SIG, please visit:

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