Deus Ex Soundtrack Released

Eidos Montreal today launched Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation, the reimagined soundtrack of the original Deus Ex. In collaboration with OverClocked ReMix and the original Deus Ex composer, Alexander Brandon, Sonic Augmentation brings 8 cybernetically enhanced arrangements to the DX community for free on the official Deus Ex Facebook page.

Primarily composed by Alexander Brandon (with the support of Dan Gardop’e and Michiel van den Bos), this iconic audio ensemble was influenced by the styles of techno, jazz and classical – its gritty ambient tunes and driving beats gaining wide critical acclaim after the release of Deus Ex in 2000. Alexander Brandon and OverClocked ReMix have taken the old and made it new again, augmenting the sounds of Deus Ex and reinventing them for the modern era.

Track 1, ‘The Search for Ambrosia’ by Zircon & Jillian Aversa, is available for direct streaming or download now. Two tracks will be unlocked every week until the entire album has been released in full.


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