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All the Latest Updates You Need to Know About CS: GO Skyesports Masters League

Skyesports will use its market position to offer revenue opportunities for all the franchised teams participating in the league through sponsorships, merchandise sales, and media rights agreements. The organization will do this to facilitate the development of a long-term Counter-Strike ecosystem.

The on-ground café qualifiers for the Skyesports Masters will begin in 20 locations nationwide, including Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. The franchised teams can add this talent to their squads in addition to the Counter-Strike professionals from India and other countries. The eight teams will compete in Mumbai for the top prize when finalizing the rosters. The league stage and playoffs of the LAN event will be accessible to a live audience. Later, details about the precise location and ticket prices will be released.

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Let’s take a look at one of the biggest news in CS: GO world today.

The First Franchised CS: GO League in India, Skyesports Masters, Has Been Announced

The biggest event for the game to date, Skyesports Masters, has been announced by JetSkyesports, a premier South Asian Esports tournament organizer. The fact that franchised teams will participate in the event made it even more unique. With eight franchised teams vying for most of the massive prize fund of Rs 2 Crore (about $245,060), the competition is expected to last three months. The greatest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players from India will compete in Skyesports Masters, a notable competition with a novel style. Several of India’s top Counter-Strike players will play for the eight franchised teams. Teams will also be able to snag up-and-coming talent from throughout the nation.

On-site cafe qualifiers will begin Skyesports Masters, which will be held in 20 cities across India. To find India’s top CS: GO talent and present them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Skyesports hopes to collaborate with neighborhood gaming cafes in significant Indian cities.

Cafe qualifiers are anticipated in cities like Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. Jet Skyesports has not yet provided any details about the tournament’s schedule or the locations of the qualifiers. The eight clubs will be able to sign these players after the qualifiers to compete with seasoned Indian and international CS: GO professionals that have been active in the game’s Esports scene for some time. The eight teams will battle in Mumbai after the rosters have been finalized to win the title of ultimate masters. The three-month-long LAN event will consist of league and playoff rounds and be accessible to a live audience supporting their favorite CS: GO team. The precise location and cost of the tickets will be revealed later.

Skyesports founder and CEO Shiva Nandy expressed his excitement for the league. He said, “Our goal for the league is not just to create one of the biggest tournaments for audiences to enjoy but also to build a viable ecosystem for Esports organizations while unlocking many revenue streams for them.

Shiva Nandy, the Founder of Skyesports, Comments:

Shiva Nandy, the creator and CEO of Skyesports spoke about the idea of the Skyesports Masters league and the Indian esports industry. He declared:

Indian esports organizations are losing money. It was crucial to establish a healthy ecology for them. Over the past year, we have spoken with a wide range of stakeholders and concluded that it is essential to establish a league in a game where the publisher does not limit monetization potential. For that, Counter-Strike was the ideal game.

He further said:

“We gravitated towards the game since I also had signaled that Counter Strike 2 was coming. We are convinced that with the proper support, CS can develop into the top esports title because it has a long history in India. With the Skyesports Masters, we have committed to the long haul. Therefore, we’ll work on getting this done over the coming years.

Final Thoughts

 The measures taken by Skyesports to give participating teams other revenue streams will guarantee a contented ecology for Counter-Strike and, eventually Counter-Strike 2. Skyesports also wants to leverage its market dominance to help the eight franchised teams taking part in the competition find new sources of income. It will include deals for broadcast rights, sponsorship, and item sales.

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