CS: GO Competitive Tips for Beginners

Being a newbie in CS: GO is no easy, that’s for sure. If you happen to clash with professional, entitled players, you have a great chance to lose, and your enthusiasm for the game can suffer a drastic decrease.

Luckily, this is not without a solution. With some tips and practice, you will step up your competitive play and learn to counter your opponents. If you want to play and open cases at csbet.gg with the same enthusiasm as before, here are some tips to become better at playing competitively:

  1.     Keep Track of Everything

When you’re playing, it’s important to not only focus on shooting your opponents but also keep an eye on the surrounding area too. Any enemy may be hiding nearby, and if you don’t spot them and they make their way to a convenient place, your whole plan to take over the enemies will be ruined.

Of course, this won’t be easy, because you’re not used to the way the game works while you’re a beginner. In time, though, you will learn to distribute your attention evenly and be very cautious.

  1.    Choose Your Maps Carefully

Don’t just go with the looks of the map. Sure, some maps look prettier than others, but that doesn’t make them better from a game perspective. Especially if you are still below the average rank, it’s better to play competitive matches on the maps you already know. This way you’ll ensure a better performance. Aside from that, new maps will have features and spots you don’t know about, so you’d be in a disadvantage.

  1.    Learn When to Shoot

You can’t go on a killing spree and try to murder everyone in your way. You need to learn when is the right time to shoot, and only do it then. With that said, unless you know the enemy may be hiding in one spot, don’t run straight towards the enemy’s location without cover, and attempt to kill them all.

Moreover, there’s a thing called prefire, which is used by many professionals. This feature consists of shooting before you even know the enemy is there.

This is when you actually know the maps and know the usual hiding spots of your enemies. You can use prefire by shooting where you expect the enemy to be. You can practice this technique with the maps you’re familiar with.

  1.    Maintain Communication

Communication is one of the most crucial things you need on CS: GO. Without it, all you’re doing is increasing the opponent’s chances to win the match. Get a microphone and headphones, as it’s easier to communicate that way, and make strategies together, alert each other when something is happening, and give advice. This may get you the victory.

Final Thoughts

Mastering CS: GO will take lots of time and practice until you’ll be considered a pro. Nobody’s rushing you, though. Take the tips in this guide into consideration, and your starting journey will get much easier and you’ll become better much quicker.

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