Crossroads Inn Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Kraken Unleashed Studio and Klabater have released all-new gameplay and story trailer for its upcoming Kickstarter-funded fantasy tavern sim Crossroads Inn. The developers have also revealed two distinct gameplay modes for players to explore: Campaign and Sand Box. Gamers will be able to build, manage and adjust their taverns, but also immerse into the rich RPG story line.

Crossroads Inn is a real-time management sim with role-playing games elements. The game consists of two unique modes offering totally different experiences. In Sandbox mode gamers will focus solely on managing their business and economy – to build their very own tavern, hire and oversee staff, manage the supply chains and create new dish recipes. In Campaign mode, micromanagement is just a prelude to a rich story as the kingdom is in turmoil and a shift of power is expected. Your Inn will soon attract the attention of important political and military figures, who are desperately trying to hold on to the reins of power. Gamers will become part of a large-scale drama full of political intrigues, vivid characters, treacherous NPC’s and dangerous quests inspired by RPG games – You will even have a damsel in distress to save!

“Crossroads Inn is our key game scheduled for release in 2019. We are die-hard fans of management sims and RPG games in Klabater. We decided to blend these two genres together in order to diversify our game and to add extra level of action to this somewhat ossified genre.” Said Michal Gembicki, CEO of Klabater. “We believe that many gamers who love classic sim games are also fond of old-school RPGs. Both genres have great heritage but we still lack one game that successfully mixes it together in a one tasty… dish (pun intended!)”

A list of features includes:
• Real-time management sim and RPG in one!
• Two distinct game modes: an epic Campaign mode with a non-linear story (12 different endings!) and nearly endless Sandbox mode dedicated to hardcore sim fans
• A rich and detailed lore with feuding factions and powerful organizations – choose to forge alliances or work against others in an original low fantasy setting
• Once in a lifetime culinary adventure designed in cooperation with the experts from Nerds’ Kitchen! Discover recipes, create new dishes and serve varied menus to attract different social groups
• A complex tavern economy simulation with various groups of customers, special guests, unique and regular employees, dozens of resources and facilities to build and develop – all binded together with a network of reliances
• Original soundtrack composed by talented team including Marcin Przybyłowicz (The Witcher 3) and recorded with traditional folk instruments from various cultures and eras
• Expanded in-game culinary recipes along with a fully developed nutritional system created to influence relationships with different guests and fractions
• Extensive in-game editor that allows to fully modify game and to create your own campaigns, scenarios and adventures with access to all game assets

Crossroads Inn is scheduled for release fall of 2019. The game is developed by The Kraken Unleashed Games and will be available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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