Capcom Could Be Dropping More Remakes and Remasters in the Near Future

Capcom has been successfully jumping on the remaster bandwagon lately. As discussed here on Game Industry News, this year’s Resident Evil 4 remake delivered on all fronts. This newest version of an all-time classic paid tremendous tribute to one of the highest points in the survival horror series.

My fellow gamers responded just as positively, as this much-anticipated remake quickly became the second-fastest-selling title in the history of the franchise. With a whopping 4 million units sold within two weeks from launch, Resident Evil 4 was an unequivocal commercial hit. Critics also lauded the game’s graphical prowess and respect for its source material, with some observers calling it a masterclass in modernizing a cult classic. And it seems Capcom got inspired by this massive success since it is toying with the idea of reviving some of its most iconic franchises.

During a recent Q and A meeting with investors, Capcom was asked whether it would consider bringing back some of its oldest hits from the past. One inquisitive shareholder specifically asked about Onimusha, Toraware no Palm, Sengoku Basara, and Monster Hunter. Although Capcom stuck to fairly non-committal answers, the company did not close the door, either. Considering its intentionally vague answer, it is unclear which franchises the publisher has in mind for potential remakes. Future Monster Hunter installments are pretty much a given. Yet, the comeback of some of the more obscure series mentioned above can only be up for speculation.

But Capcom let out some more information on its plans for more “high-end visual remakes” of the main numbered installations of the Resident Evil series. The publisher declared that discussions were being carried out regarding the future expansion of the franchise, for it to “be enjoyed by a wide audience.” The many remakes that came out in the last couple of years lead an increasing number of vocal fans to demand other entries to be remade, including several spin-offs like Resident Evil Code: Veronica. Earlier this year, Capcom showed its intention to honor the legacy of its flagship franchise with a survey that asked fans which Resident Evil title they wanted to see remastered next.

Capcom was even more voluble when asked about the future of the Mega Man series. As reported by IGN, the publisher is “considering how to approach the production of new entries” in one of its historic franchises. Numerous factors come into play for the development of new titles to come to fruition, as Capcom is looking into a “solid concept” as well as ideas and gameplay.

Still, the recent success of the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is proof enough that the series has remained relevant to this day. Both volumes of the collection bring back ten mainline Mega Man adventures. Additional features like a gallery of illustrations and exclusive patch cards are a cool reward for long-time fans, while online play allows them to show off their skills in multiplayer mode.

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With over a million copies sold on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC, the Mega Man collection could herald many more bundles of retro titles. That said, we gamers are still a long way from a brand-new Mega Man title. And the recently announced Mega Man X Dive offline game might not be enough to scratch that itch, for this free-to-play mobile game will exclude some of the best features of the original, such as the multiplayer modes and the crossovers with other star franchises like Street Fighter.

But Capcom is already cooking up exciting remakes. The long-awaited sequel to the Ace Attorney Trilogy remaster is dropping in early 2024. The collection, labelled Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, will bundle together the last three mainline titles in the visual novel adventure franchise. Nintendo DS point-and-click classic Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective also just came out, while footage for upcoming entries like Exoprimal and Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess looks more than promising in my book.

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